My Dream of Passive Income

My Dream of Passive Income

There are a million ways to make money online just waiting for us to grab a hold of them. You can choose to participate in the rat-race, working 9 to 5, or you can start working towards your independence today. After 6 months of experimenting, I recently made my first online sale. How much did I make? Exactly 40 cents. Laugh if you will, but this $0.40 has proven to me that it is possible to make residual income online, and this is just the beginning.

Making Money Offline vs Making Money Online

When you work for someone else, or even operate your own offline business, you are limiting yourself and your ability to make money. With a standard job, you have the guarantee of a paycheck every week, but nothing more. Maybe you get a yearly bonus, or the occasional overtime pay, but for the most part, you know how much you are going to make and working harder won’t make you any more money. Not to mention, you can lose your job at any time.

If you own your own off-line business, your income can vary from month to month depending on a 101 different factors: how much work you put in, how many customers you received, the economy, the weather, overhead, rising inventory costs, unexpected expenses, the way you display items, etc.

There are a lot of similarities to running an online business, but also a lot of differences.

Imagine that you have a digital product to sell, like an eBook that you wrote about “How to make over $6,000 per month with Storage Auctions.” Or better yet, a video course with your own website that you can sell a subscription to for even more money.

With this business model, you will:

  • Sell online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Reach billions of potential customers all over the world
  • Deliver your product electronically to the customer without lifting a finger
  • Spend only $3.95 per month in overhead
  • Work as little or as much as you like promoting your product
  • Make 100% profit, indefinitely!
  • Relax, Travel, & Enjoy your life

What I Love about Passive Income

As you can see, the benefits of passive income far outweigh those of traditional income. Not to mention, there is very little risk if you are just doing this on the side while working a 9 to 5. Sure, you run the risk of losing time if you put a lot of effort into a flop, but as with most failures, you gain knowledge that you can re-apply to your next venture. Soon enough, you will find something that works for you. Who knows, you could make a couple extra hundred bucks a month, or maybe a couple thousand.

The best part is, you’ll earn this money without losing any time. You aren’t trapped in a cube, filling out TPS reports, or stuck in a useless meeting wasting time. Nope! You can relax poolside, play with your kids, and sip on a Mai Tai, while your bank account grows bigger. Exciting, isn’t it?

This is why I dream of having a passive income. This is what motivates me to write these blog posts and share with you my journey to achieve this goal. I honestly don’t stress too much about money. Sure, I need enough to get by, but after watching my father pass away, I realized that there’s more to life than money. There’s family, friends, adventure, and most importantly — freedom. Freedom to do what I want, when I want, where I want.

What’s Next?

So where do we go from here? I’ve given you my past, and my dreams for the future. Now it’s time to take action! I’ve already earned $0.40 online, what about you? As a student myself, I learn from every opportunity that presents itself. If you have some wisdom to share, I’m all ears. Leave me a comment below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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