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On April 21st of this month, Google started to penalize sites that aren’t mobile friendly. Fortunately there’s a new product that launches today called Mobile Optimize Pro that will help you to pass the google test with one click. The developer, Brett Rutecky, was kind enough to give me early access so that I could write this review.

I have to say, I was blown away at how easy Mobile Optimize Pro is to install, and how quickly it solved my issues with mobile friendliness with literally one click! My original intent was just to create a blog post, but I felt I really needed to demonstrate how easily this product works, so I made my first ever video. I was also able to secure over $600 in bonuses that you can get instant access to if you decide to purchase through the link on this page.

Pretty amazing software, isn’t it! For the launch, Mobile Optimize Pro is 60% off, and will include over $600 in bonuses. Check out what you will get when you purchase today:

Mobile Optimize Pro Bonus

Mobile Optimize Pro is an amazing product at an even more amazing price. With just a simple click, you can fix mobile usability and get your site to pass the google test. Not only will this give you better search rankings, it will also make your site easier to navigate on mobile devices for your readers.

If you decide to purchase the developer upgrade offer, you can instantly turn around and sell this plugin to anyone who needs it, for whatever price you choose! Imagine how much money you can quickly make on the site offering this service?

To pick up your copy of Mobile Optimize Pro, and get over $600 in bonuses, click this link now!

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